Gourmet Quinoa & Bulgur

  • 12 minutes
  • Non GMO
  • Whole grain

Quinoa Gourmet Lightly Seasoned is a savoury way to enjoy the benefits of quinoa grains. This side dish, delicately seasoned with mild spices will bring taste and uniqueness to your recipes for the whole family


  • Quinoa (white and red),
  • Bulgur (durum wheat),
  • Couscous (durum wheat semolina),
  • Lupin beans,
  • Vegetable oils (sunflower and olive),
  • Sugar (maltodextrin),
  • Salt,
  • Herbs,
  • Natural flavours,
  • Dried red bell peppers,
  • Spices,
  • Potato starch,
  • Onion powder,
  • Garlic powder

CONTAINS: Wheat, Mustard.
MAY CONTAIN: Soya, Rye, Barley, Oat, Almonds, Sesame, Pine nut, Triticale.

Nutritional table