About Us

Being able to combine traditional know how with the search for culinary innovation! That is the secret of Tipiak's daily commitment to its consumers.

A spirit of conquest

Tipiak offers its Canadian consumers a range of products that are healthy, tasty and easy to use thus allowing to add a bit of extravagance in their daily lives! Knowing how to combine the respect of the tradition and the search for culinary innovation: it is the secret of the daily commitment of Tipiak towards its consumers!

Since 1830, the history of Tipiak is intimately linked to the maritime tradition of the West part of France, and to these sailboats which sailed the seas, and brought back commodities from elsewhere.

Born from the union of 2 century-old companies specialized in the culinary aid, Groult et Billard, Tipiak turns to the world, from its inception, by marketing tapioca coming from Brazil. Tipiak has first conquered the French market by proposing an offer of original and gourmet grocery products which meet the requirements of practicality, quality and balance of today’s consumers.

As the leader in France of grain side dishes, Tipiak relies on its ability to innovate, and its culinary know-how to make you discover products perfectly adapted to the expectations of consumers across the world.

An image, a symbol

In the middle of the nineteenth century, sailboats, commonly called “clippers”, sailed the ocean to bring their cargo of tapioca from Brazil for the Maison Groult, which, right from the start, printed a drawing of a sailboat on all the packaging of its products.

Even today, wishing to remain faithful to its maritime tradition and its pioneering spirit, Tipiak combines the image of the sailboat to its logo. The entire company clearly demonstrates the taste for a challenge with pride, and the conquest which has staked its route since the beginning.

From tapioca to Tipiak!

Tipiak turns to the world, from its inception, by marketing the tapioca coming from Brazil.  Its name is derived from “tipi’og” or “tipi’ak”, word designating the tapioca starch in the language of the Guarani from Brazil.

Our values: a long-term commitment

Tipiak offers a gourmet culinary experience with a range of unique and true products, respectful of authentic culinary traditions, from France or elsewhere, and inspired from an accessible, creative, astonishing cuisine, open on the world.


We are reinventing and making the culinary cultures accessible, here and elsewhere, those from yesterday and tomorrow with products, source of discovery and gourmet pleasures. Tipiak is the culinary partner to put variety in your day and make flavors travel.


We draw our inspiration in the kitchens of the world, and our products proudly demonstrate our taste for creative cuisine. As sources of inspiration and versatile, our products can be prepared in a variety of ways, and can be added in the simplest to the most sophisticated recipe.


Tipiak combines the best French culinary know-how and the opening on cuisines of the world. Each product is unique and developed in the respect of the culinary traditions on which it is based, from simple and tasty ingredients.